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Genaro Arriagada: Opposition to Allende and Pinochet

Type: Video

“The Chilean Communist Party was the most pro-Soviet of the world’s communist parties.”

Tags: Genaro Arriagada, chile, vladimir lenin, augusto pinochet, Eduardo Frei Montalva, salvador allende, augusto pinochet

Genaro Arriagada: Entering Politics

Type: Video

“The fight between the Christian Democrats and the parties of the left opened the door for the coup d’état.”

Tags: Genaro Arriagada, chile, Cuban revolution, Eduardo Frei Montalva, salvador allende

La Libertad Negada: La Primavera Negra de Cuba

Type: Video

La Libertad Negada: La Primavera Negra de Cuba

Tags: Cuba, Black Spring, primavera negra

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