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Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez: Torture

Type: Video

Recalling incidents of torture.

Tags: Cuba, prison, Nestor Rodriguez Lobaina, hunger strike, repression

Alvaro Varela: Collecting Testimonies of the Tortured

Type: Video

”There were many who never spoke of their torture.”

Tags: Bishop Sergio Valech, ricardo lagos, The Valech Report, torture, prisoner of conscience

Alvaro Varela: Hope is Essential

Type: Video

“Sooner or later we human beings begin to recover.”

Tags: Messages to dissidents

Alvaro Varela: The Catholic Church Defends Human Rights

Type: Video

“The Vicariate of Solidarity assumed the defense of human rights”

Tags: Nobel Peace Prize, Amnesty International, marxism, augusto pinochet, The Vicariate of Solidarity, Cardinal Silva, religion, catholic

Alvaro Varela: What is Freedom?

Type: Video

“Freedom is the capacity to develop as a human being in all aspects.”

Tags: freedom, The Vicariate of Solidarity, What is Freedom

Alvaro Varela: The "No" Campaign Triumphs

Type: Video

“We always had hope that at any minute there would be some response but it took much longer than we ever imagined.”

Tags: chile, no campaign, why i became a dissident, pinochet

Alvaro Varela: Kidnapping and Torture

Type: Video

“They were kidnappings; they were not arrests because there was no legality, no formality.”

Tags: Osvaldo Romo Mena, National Intelligence Directorate, Dina, Cardinal Silva, Bishop Sergio Valech, ricardo lagos, The Valech Report, torture, prisoner of conscience, kidnapping

Alvaro Varela: Suffering Inspires Action

Type: Video

“Torture leaves an inerasable footprint”

Tags: ricardo lagos, torture, Bishop Sergio Valech, The Valech Report, prisoner of conscience

Alvaro Varela: Pinochet's Reign of Terror Begins

Type: Video

“1972 and 1973 were a period of great unrest in Chile”

Tags: torture, dissident, General Carlos Prats, augusto pinochet, Cardinal Silva, salvador allende

Alvaro Varela: Early Involvement In Politics

Type: Video

“The truth is that I liked to participate in social movements since I was very young.”

Tags: salvador allende, chile

Genaro Arriagada: Transitional Challenges

Type: Video

“Transitions to democracy are very difficult and Chile’s was very difficult.”

Tags: chile, fulgencio batista, the falklands war, Daniel Ortega, augusto pinochet

Genaro Arriagada: Importance of Democracy

Type: Video

“In politics one must see democracy as the only political system that guarantees liberty.”

Tags: chile, freedom, equality, elections, Rule of Law, democracy

Genaro Arriagada: Separation of Military and Government

Type: Video

“We had to be very careful that the Army did not regain power.”

Tags: Genaro Arriagada, chile, solidarity, Patricio Aylwin, Lech Walesa, Violeta Chamorro, Daniel Ortega, Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring

Genaro Arriagada: Youth Get involved

Type: Video

“Young people became excited at the idea of reclaiming the universities.”

Tags: Genaro Arriagada, chile

Genaro Arriagada: Implementation of the No Campaign

Type: Video

“The people wanted a message of confidence, of joy.”

Tags: Genaro Arriagada, chile, Carlos Caszély, No campaign, salvador allende, peter hart

Genaro Arriagada: The Start of the No Campaign

Type: Video

“Our program was human rights, democracy, social justice and a new political order.”

Tags: Genaro Arriagada, chile, ferdinand marcos, ricardo lagos, No� campaign, augusto pinochet, Eduardo Frei Montalva, salvador allende, Andrés Zaldívar

Genaro Arriagada: Building Alliances

Type: Video

“The defense of human rights helped in the rebuilding of old friendships.”

Tags: Genaro Arriagada, chile, marxism-leninism, Manuel Antonio Garretón, Vicariate of Solidarity, salvador allende

Genaro Arriagada: The Role of the Church

Type: Video

“There were very few voices that arose to defend the rights of the persecuted.”

Tags: chile, augusto pinochet, catholic church

Genaro Arriagada: The Price of Politics

Type: Video

“The regime attacked them without any concern for their dignity or their rights.”

Tags: Genaro Arriagada, chile, augusto pinochet

Genaro Arriagada: Pinochet's Brutal Coup

Type: Video

“Within 48 hours the army had control over the entire country.”

Tags: Genaro Arriagada, chile, the disappeared, repression, augusto pinochet

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